3 Space - International House, Brixton.

3Space believe in getting more out of buildings, giving them new purpose and making them work for local communities.3Space opened London's largest affordable workspace in Brixton in Autumn 2018. A home for entrepreneurs unlike any other - facilitated by our BuyGiveWork initiative where space is given away when space is bought.


The building is spread over 12 storeys, with five new Give Hubs for Brixton and all the trimmings you expect from a professional workspace. Our BuyGiveWork initiative means that space is given away when space is bought, so your rent goes to providing space for those that are too often priced-out - creating new 'Give Hubs' with space over five floors for community initiatives, youth entrepreneurship, a textiles workshop and photography studios.


You'll have the opportunity to work, learn and interact with the Give Hubs, but also to meet the wider community that surrounds the building.  Each employee dedicates an hour of their time a month to supporting others in the building, often through skill sharing, attending an event or mentoring. 


The 7th floor is a BUY floor; a mixture of private offices, pods, and fixed desks as well as meeting rooms and break out space. 


International House, Brixton, London SW9 7QE

Opening Hours:

Monday - Sunday, 24 Hour Access